Wizard of Oz 
at UW-Manitowoc 

The Office of Continuing Education at the University of Wisconsin-Manitowoc will present  its annual imagination theatre production for children, Thursday, January 24, 7:00 in Lakeside Hall at UW-Manitowoc..  This year’s show, an interactive retelling of The Wizard of Oz, is best suited  for 4-8 year -olds.
When Dorothy Gale offers to help her uncle feed the piggies, Buster, Maynard, Isobel, Pinky and Stinky, she never imagined that an ordinary day would turn into a whirlwind of adventures. That is exactly what happens when a tornado whisks her away to Oz where an evil witch captures her and puts her to work scrubbing floors. 
            No one, not even a witch can keep spunky little Dorothy from finding her way back to Kansas.  In short order, she enlists the help of three others who have also fallen under the witch's spell, and together they hatch a plan to escape from her power.
            According to director, Bev Denor, “Audiences will find plenty of familiar elements in this creative re-imagining, but we always like to challenge imaginations by adding fresh twists.”  Storytelling theatre uses simple sets and non-traditional costuming and characterization to provide the kernels of inspiration that young theatre goers can think about and use when creating their own productions of favorite stories. 
Everyone in the audience will be asked to help the Lion, the Scarecrow and the Tin Man as they confront the obstacles they encounter in Oz.  Several children will be invited on stage to be munchkins. 
Cast members include Chris Honzik, Lion; Charles Allger, Scarecrow; Logan Magyar, Tin Man; Sam Meneau-Fisher, Dorothy; Witch, Laurie Magyar; Good Fairy, Sheila Hansen; Windy/Poppy, Maddie Hansen
Suzanne Lawrence, Director of Continuing Education is producer.  Production design and assistance will be handled by Chris Lochmann, Pat Smith, and Ashley Phipps-Zellner.

$5.00 adults, $3.00 children under 12.  Advance tickets available a and at Festival Foods.  Tickets available at the door one hour prior to showtime.

Hope to see you in Oz!