Saturday, April 26, 2008

And the Winner Is....!

Heart-A-Rama ends tonight. Every year we reflect on how long we worked - planning, brainstorming, writing, editing, evaluating, building, scheming and dreaming. Then, suddenly, it is upon us, and just as suddenly, it ends. The week after the show closes, the parade begins. Cast and crew members stop by the store one by one - to catch up on "old times," report newsy bits, share reflections on this year's show, and give suggestions for the next. Mostly, they just want to stay in touch, and for that I am glad. Funny thing happened today, though...the parade has already begun. As I write this, I have had three early morning visits, and, right now, one cast member is sipping cappuccino and visiting with friends. More are sure to follow next week. You can't beat this group.

Now, in the spirit of any fine performance is time for the First Annual Hearty-HAR-HAR Awards, decided and awarded by a committee of one - me. Before you got all excited, rest assured that everyone is deserving, but I am limited by time, space, and diminished mental capacity due to too many late nights in a row (that would be nights after 10 for me!)

Here we go!!!!!!!!

Most Creative Use of Duct Tape Award...Lynna, who provided some tense, but titillating moments each night on stage

Most Excited to be Caught on Stage Award...the entire stage crew who screamed in unison when the lights hit them letting us know they really want to be cast in speaking roles next year

Flasher Award...Jeri, who always has some crazy, new blinking toy to share

I've got Rhythm, I've got Music Award...Greg Buckley, rumored to be a contestant on the next edition of "Dancing with the Stars"

I May Not Have Any Lines, but Doggone it, You will Remember Me Award...Rhonda for the shaking her popcorn nightly

The Check Out How Scary I can Look Award..... Scott!

Anyone who passes up the chance to get to know this guy because... well, because he pretty much looks like this all the missing something. He's interesting, fresh, clever, generous, and yes, so very colorful!

Kim gets the I'm so Happy to Have Lines I'm Speechless Award!
Each year, when I cast my sections of the show, I try to work with at least one new person. This year I hit the jackpot, getting to direct Tommy, Jeff, Chuck, Jen, Lisa, and Kim. A few were new to HAR, and others were people I had not had the opportunity to direct before. Kim came to every rehearsal with enthusiasm and a desire to grow and improve. I had no idea her HAR lines were a first for her. Way to go, Kim. Be proud!

Tonight, we roll up the tents and leave town for another year. Early in summer, we will be summoned to meeting for a post mortem on this show, an start-up for next year. If I am fortunate enough to be asked back for another year of directing,
I'll blog about the process, step by step. I won't give anything away, but it might be fun for you to hear a little about how the show comes together from the writing, casting and directing end of things.

In the meantime, watch for all the great events happening on the Lakeshore. Not only will you be doing good for our community, or for the targeted cause, you'll have a great time as well. Just think of it...MetroJam, Acousticfest, Lobsterfest, Sputnikfest, and many plays, music, and art events right here in the Lakeshore. Sounds like a perfect summer on the horizon.