Friday, April 4, 2008

A Grizzly Ending

Crooked Tree led to a pulsating, albeit melodramatic, ending. You knew from previous posts that it kept me page turning. The ending dragged, though, and I felt the final third of the book was terribly overwritten.

The answer to why to bears began their killing spree became obvious by page 200, and the rest of the book was devoted to an intricate plot to rid the community of the evil that had infiltrated. The search, which was predictably Oedipal, revealed some marginal connections between Native American, and Christian beliefs. Yes, I ws a little disappointed in the unwinding, but all in all, I think readers of King, Saul and Rice would enjoy it. It's a fresh take on a supernatural thriller.

I'm moving on to Little Klein. I know nothing about it except that it is a Midwest Connections title. The Midwest Booksellers Association regularly suggests books that are set in Wisconsin or neighboring states. This is one of them. Besides, with a little boy and dog on the cover, it has to be good!