Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Quick Shots

Jamie and Brendo are all set for Heart-A-Rama 2008. Notice how Jamie got her eyes to match Brendo's flower hat. That Jamie...what a trouper!

Our band is all set to rock...Pete (guitar), Connie, (keyboard), Bob (dums), Jerry (bass), Dave (not shown) and...we have a new band member. I think he's shy since we haven't formally met him yet, but we know he's from Green Bay and has big talent!

This is Dominic. Our store is in a neighborhood so we get to know a lot of neat little people. Dominic and his brother, Jordan, are daily window peepers.

Here's a sweet little picture of Susan Rose. I recently did a story hour (five story hours in one day, actually) for the MACs second graders. I read Three Lessons for Astaire the Bear. Joan, the school librarian, then helped the kids create some journal entries that were sent, along with this cuddly stuffed Astaire, to a bookstore in another state. We were one of two stores in Wisconsin that Astaire visited. The author sent him on a tour collecting journal entries from kids all over the USA!

Emma came to hear a children's musician and took some time out to do an art project. Emma is a regular here at LaDeDa. She always has a great story or two to share with me, or a new song from pre-school. I think she has a little Ethel Merman in her. For being a tiny, little person, she opens her mouth and fills the store with sound. She keeps up her end in a conversation, too. Sometimes, when I have been really, really nice to her, Emma takes me out to breakfast.