Thursday, July 3, 2008


July 3rd started out with a bang here at LaDeDa! We open at 10 A.M., but those in the know understand that I am frequently lurking around as early as 8, doing paperwork, entering books into inventory, or experimenting with displays that an employee will ultimately have to fix.

Today, I came in early to take care of odds and ends before the holiday weekend, and decided to hang the flags at about 9:30, and get the day going. A panicky shout greeted me, "Bev, are these your dogs?" Across the street I saw my friend, Fritz, valiantly attempting to keep two beautiful, energetic dogs from running into the street. Of course, the dogs weren't mine, still we had to save them. They kept darting everywhere, and the two of us must have looked ridiculous, chasing and fetching dogs.
Eventually, we got them under control, and Fritz carried the larger of the two across the street, and into the store. We figured the little one would be easier to maneuver. Not true. I got her halfway across the street, and she decided to plant herself in the middle of 17th street, traffic whizzing around us as she looked at me and smiled. Fritz carried her over to the store as well...that's the little one in his arms. When the two seemed safe and secure, Fritz went on his way, with a lovely story to tell his three daughters who have been begging for a dog for years. Nice going Fritzie! Go ahead and tell them about the dogs they almost had! But seriously, Sophia, Emma, and Clara, you can be very proud of your dad. If you had seen how these dogs were running in and out of the street, you would know that your dad saved their lives today. Shucks! He's a dog-gone hero!
The escapees appeared to enjoy their accommodations. I keep treats on hand for the neighborhood dogs; Thelma and Louise had a couple of those, they had some water, and did some shopping. There was nothing threatening about them in the least, so I got a good laugh when the police officer arrived to collect them. He opened the door a crack and hollered, "Friendly dogs?" Now, I ask you, why would I stay cooped up alone with two vicious dogs? After returning to his vehicle to get one leash, he asked if I would mind luring them into his car. I nearly lost Thelma in the process, but, quick thinking as I am on a good day, I tossed some treats into the back seat, and they were happily munching away as they left for the shelter. They didn't even wave goodbye.
Have a great 4th everyone... take some time to think past the picnics and beautiful fireworks to remember why we celebrate this day.