Saturday, August 30, 2008

Labor Day Lazy!

You knew I would post before Labor Day, didn't you? I'm being lazy, and looking forward to two days at home with no plans. In preparation for the coming forty-eight hours of laziness, I have opted to write nothing of consequence this week. Instead, I am posting pictures with no discernible theme.

Here we go!

This my friend, Albert, from Taiwan. His real name is quite complex, and his entire family picked American sounding names to make it easier for people to remember. Albert was an exchange student at Lincoln High School a number of years ago, and he chose his name figuring there would not be too many Albert's. He was right. His dad selected "Castle" as his American name. Albert is back for a visit and to attend a friend's wedding. We had some fun trying to teach him "Knock Knock" jokes last week, but the language barrier was too great. Even though he laughed a lot, I don't think he ever quite grasped the concept.

Now, on to a couple dog pictures...and Karen!

This is Karen working real hard at our last Heart-A-Rama writing meeting. Apparently, she was sitting in Max's chair, and with her there, he was having a tough time watching dog TV out the back window. Finally, out of frustration, he deemed the only way to solve the problem was to share the chair with Karen.

Here's my dog, Mrs. George Burns (GB) . She had a short-lived romance with this little green toy. She has quite a collection of stuffed things to toss around, but a couple weeks ago, I decided it was time to get rid of some the more beat up specimens and get her a new pal. I don't what happened - some sort of demonic possession, I suppose. She bonded with a vengeance to that little green thing, and would not make a move without it. If she lost it at night, there was weeping and whining, until I searched through the house for it. After four consecutive 3 A.M. scavenger hunts for the beast, I tossed it. I am still getting the cold shoulder, and I expect that one of these days, I will find that she has run away from home to spite me.

The store bathroom is getting painted!

Customers look forward to the seasonal changes festooning our entry "mingos" La, De and Da. Here they are, ready for fall.


We have three author events coming up, a pre-holiday event is in the works with a couple other small businesses. I will be attending a trade show in Minneapolis at the end of September to get a look at what's new for Fall/Winter.

Have a lazy Labor Day everyone!

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