Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm Just Warning You...

I'm finding all sorts of fun uses for these vintage cards that a customer gave me! You'll probably be seeing lots of more of them pop up on this blog. The only place I have ever seen a bluebird is on a greeting card. I received a bluebird house for Christmas, but no one moved in this year.

On to the warning! I guess when one names something Fine Print on a Monday, and when one announces that a new post will appear bright and early each and every Monday morning, one should assume that people will check on Monday morning. That's exactly what happens. And, as I mentioned early in my blogging career, I am stunned, and thrilled, that you all are reading this. From the hit counter, I can see that Monday is the busiest day on Fine Print, telling me that you took my promise of Monday chatter seriously.

You might not...probably will not...most likely will not...almost 100% for sure will not...let me just be honest...there will not be a post on Monday. Going to a trade show means many opportunities, including being able to listen to entire book on CD in one day on the drive to Minneapolis. I can't decide between Dean and Me by Jerry Lewis, or Francis Mayes' A Year in the World. I grabbed them both from the library this morning. Their selection of books on tape is awesome. Coming home from a trade show means hours of unpacking, sorting, and organizing. There will be pictures to prove patient!
Joe Keil, author of When Just Say No Doesn't Work: What Every Parent Needs to Know Now About the Changing Face of Today's Drug Use, will be on Dr. Stacey Soeldner's radio program...Monday...WOMT...11:30. tune in if you can. He is so very knowledgeable on this important subject.