Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Words from a New Guest Blogger, Sophia

The Golly-Whopper Games is a fantastic book for ages who enjoy a great reading adventure by Jody Feldman. It is about a 12 year-old young boy named Gill Goodson who enters a contest to win a load of money and a ton of toys since the Gollywhop toy factory sells, of course, toys. But because of something Gill's father was told he did when he worked the factory, the owner won't let him compete in the games. Eventually, Gill enters, but will he win? That's your question to answer!
Pick up The Golly-Whopper Games today available at LaDeDa Book Store in Manitowoc to see if Gill wins the prizes and if Gill's father gets cleared of all of the nasty things he don't even think of doing at all...