Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thoughts of Spring and Michael Perry

Merry Week after Christmas. We are still playing holiday tunes here at LDD, and will continue to do so until we have played all 55 Christmas Cd's at least once. No sense closing out this beautiful season after only a few days!
This loopy weather shut me down for a day and half. It would have been longer, but when people get to stay home from work and school because of a storm, apparently they shop. Making sure that everyone gets the books they want to give as gifts feels pretty good. Despite the UPS and FedEx weather delays, 98% of the special orders placed the week of Dec. 24Th made it here on time for happy gift giving.
A pattern has been established, hasn't it? One day of snow, one day off for clean-up, followed by another day of snow. Today, there will be snow, and again on New Year's Day. Therefore, I am sending you lovely thoughts of spring, along with the tranquil picture to set your heart to dreaming of sniffing lilacs and roses...and maybe your neighbor's Johnsonville brats.
I had planned a blog-cation until after inventory, but today I got an email from Mike Perry. As long as I decided to share that, I thought a few other comments would fill out the space nicely. Mike's new book is done and due out in May. Julie Lindemann and Johnie Shimon, of Manitowoc, did the cover photography for this one, as they have for all Mike's books. He did hint that I should anticipate the new book with caution, sardonically posting the May date, and adding "if publishing still exists." It's a crazy business, and the changes are coming fast. For those Mikeaholics out there - never fear. I am sure to receive an Advance Reader copy. When that happens, I will tempt you with enough details to make you jealous, and to tickle my sensibilities out of my wintry doldrums. I can't wait.
You may not hear from me again until after inventory, scheduled for January 10. Right now I am doing the pre-inventory work. This is the part of the bookbiz I don't like, nor do I understand it much. I count...1 book, 2 books, 3 books...and then I have some random number to turn over to my accountant. GRRRRR! I vaguely recall failing math in high school. I always figured why count when I could read a book instead?
Thank you all for sharing bits of 2008 with me. I hope that it was a groovy year for you, and that 2009 is even better. Stay positive...smile...have a spot of bubbly.

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