Thursday, January 8, 2009

Let's Laugh!

I stuck this CD in my car player about three weeks ago, and have been having a grand time. No one is better storyteller than Garrison Keillor, and his annual Prairie Home Companion joke show is one I anticipate and generally miss. So, I bought the CD's instead.

The discs are riddled with puns, one-liners, knock-knock, bar jokes, light bulb jokes, regional humor and lots more. There are knee-slappers, side-splitters and groaners, with some thoughtful commentary from Keillor for balance.

One comment has always intrigued and troubled me, and today I finally took the time to verify through a couple of different sources. The numbers vary, depending on the source, but the chasm between the high and low stats are deep, no matter the source, and deeply troubling.

What am I talking about? According to Keillor, and others (with the above disclaimer explaining any statistical discrepancies for those of you who may nose around to double check the numbers!) , children laugh 300 times a day. Adults, on average, laugh 20 times.

That is pathetic! That is sad. That is just so very wrong. We need to change that! While that number is happily not true of most people in my life, we have made a pact around here to laugh more, have more fun, and not take the day-to-day stuff too seriously. And so, my blog friends, I will be including you all in our mission to make Manitowoc laugh, chuckle, chortle, guffaw, snicker, titter, snort, giggle, grin, or whatever it is you personally do when amused. Yes, I will do my best to include a riddle, joke, or little comic at the end of each post- mostly one-liners. They are short and there is less chance for typos which I hope you poof-reading gurus will appreciate.

Our first little joke is from Terri.

Q: What goes "Ha ha ha ha thump?"

A: A man laughing his head off!

******Inventory with be done by the end of the day Saturday. I am soooo sad. Then the big post-holiday cleaning extravagana begins.

I finished Little Women, which I have determined, is much like The Adventures of Robin Hood. Everyone seems to know the story, but no one has really read it. More next week.

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