Tuesday, February 17, 2009

SHHHH! It's a Secret! by Sophia

Here are the lovely Sophia's comments on one of her favorite young adult novels!

The Name of This Book is Secret is truly a good book. But what's so secret about it? you might ask. Well, no one really knows besides the mysterious narrator, Pseudonymous Bosch, also the author. So if I can't tell you what the secret is then why not tell you what the book is about?
It's about Cass and Max-Ernest who stumble across a dead magician's notes, The Symphony of Smells. When they investigate his house, two mysterious people, a man and a woman, are there to tour the house with a real estate agent. Cass and Max-Ernest followed them home and found out Mrs. Mauvais and Dr. L, the mysterious couple are actually extremely old, as in 150, but still beautiful. They also find out that they run a "spa" or, a better term, make-you-younger-and-practically-brain-wash-your-system.
I can't tell you what happens in the rest of the book; if Cass and Max-Ernest win the "battle"; if Mrs. Mauvias and Dr. L escaped or got put into jail. But you can find out more in Bosch's next novel, If You're Reading This, It's Too Late, the second book. Or you could just pick up The Name of This Book is Secret today and find out all the details...
*****Thanks Sophia. I can't wait for you next review!
Yesterday, I saw the Capitol Off-Broadway's annual fund-raiser production. This year's show was Godspell. Fabulous! You can always count on Jim Miller to prepare a quality show for audiences - one that will leave you with tapping toes, and lots of questions to ponder. Talent just keeps pouring out of this community. Every day, the HTR is hearlding a new music, theatre dance, or visual arts event. Each weekend brings a new dilemma - what to see, who to support...not a bad problem to have, huh?
This weekend, Heart-A-Rama artist, performer, writer, Kevin Hansen is having an exhibit of his newest works at his work studio in Sheboygan. This is always a fun time...hanging with the artsy crowd. If you get a chance, it's from 5-9, Friday night, at Two Bit Productions, on the east end of Michigan Avenue. Give me a call if you want more info.
Great news! A customer just reported that spring is surely on its way. The sky is clear and bright, and the birds are singing. Now, let's all watch for the first crocus to peek out of the earth. When that happens, we can all pat ourselves on the back in congratualtions for surviving another challenging Wisconsin winter. This year, my goal is to lure to orioles back, and to get a blubird to move into the house that have been vacant far too long. Doesn't it feel alive to be planning for spring?

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