Monday, April 20, 2009

Dog Bytes

Finally, the first edition of THE DOG BLOG! Aren't those people who anthroporphisize their animals silly? They put childish words and thoughts into their head, making them sound like hairy, little children, instead of the feeling creatures they are. Think about it...if you tickle us, do we not laugh...if you wrong us, do we not seek revenge? Oh, sorry, my person, You-Know-Who, (heretofore to be referred to YKW) just informed me that those line have already been taken by someone named Shakespeare in a thing he called The Merchant of Venice. Sorry if I haven't read it. The reality is that I can no more read a book than YKW can sing...but yet we both try!

Now, you are probably wondering how I got this chance to post. The truth is, YKW is all tied up with Heart-A-Rama, and hasn't been reading too much. I have beau coup time home alone with nothing to disturb my daily joy of following the sun around the house, and basking in its warmth. I have other responsibilities, of course, like polishing off a bowl of yummy dog food, and barking the birds off the deck. I'm making sure no bluebirds move into the house that was just put up, blocking my sight line into the neighbor's yard. If there is a leather shoe left anywhere on the floor, I must eat it. Other random duties arise during the day, and I attend to them as I see fit.

There's a comfy yellow chair in front of the windows that overlook the backyard. That is where YKW likes to read on Sunday mornings, on Monday nights, on Wednesday afternoons...basically anytime I have designs on that chair. I hop onto the seat, then to the arm. From there it is just a tiny leap to the back which is long enough and wide enough for me to stretch out upon. From this spot, I can watch the squirrels running across the fence, check out where the bunnies make their yard deposits, and, on lucky days, the window is open and I throw my head back and feel the breeze rush up my nostrils. Aren't nostrils wonderful!?! The chair was occupied a lot this weekend, and books are still on the seat, so I can't hop up today. Here is what I found:

Nice book about a little boy with a big dream. He wants to plant a garden along a railroad track where people think nothing can grow. His real dream is to fill the world with green - one garden at a time. I guess the writer was inspired by the development of gardens along an elevated railway in Manhattan.

The pictures are real pretty, and are perfect inspiration to help me prepare for flowers popping up for me to sniff.

I have no clue what this one is about, but it turned up right after YKW went away for an entire evening to see Garrison Keillor somewhere. The best part about this book is that since it appeared, I have been given a respite from the feeble attempts being made to sing show tunes at all hours of the day and night. Here's what the back says"

In the spring of 1926, the Soderbjerg brothers, Ray and Roy, plunge into radio and launch station WLT (With Lettuce and Tomato) to rescue their failing restaurant and become the Sandwich Kings of South Minneapolis. For the next quarter century, the "Friendly Neighbor" station produces a dazzling array of shows and stars, including Leo LaValley, Dad Benson, Wingo Beads, Slim Graves and Little Buddy, chain-smoking child star Marjery Moore, and blind baseball announcer Buck Steller.

Well, that's it for my first DOG BLOG. Better than a dog log, wasn't it? I was warned about using that line, but, hey, dogs rule, and I'm not backing down.

Don't forget to go the Heart-A-Rama. You can still get tickets for this Thursday, and for next Wednesday and Thursday. Just stop at Piggly Wiggly, or Inman Jewelers in Two Rivers. They'll set you up. Hey, even LaDeDa is waving the HAR flag. The show is funny, I am told. How often can you spend a night laughing for heart health? Come on...
where else can you see Judge Olson dressed like a big hot
dog, or check out a pre-pubescent photo of our new mayor?
How often do you get the chance to make a donation to
a charity and get something back in return?
This must be tons of fun, cuz each night, much to my chagrin, when YNW comes home, she is humming a snappy little tune. Tonight I will be waiting at the door for her. I will wag my tail and smile, pretenting to honor the sounds as music. I will usher her to the yellow chair, and place a brand new book at her feet. If I am lucky, the humming will end.