Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dog Bytes Dos (because I can't spell "two" in French)

Hey! You-Know-Who (YKW), AKA NMBFF (I'll let you figure that one out on your own) is all busy with her "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" play, so...TA DA! another edition of THE DOG BLOG!

Nice picture huh? That's my spot. The spot where I sit and watch the world go by. But, things will be slowing down soon when my neighborhood buds go back to school, leaving only the occasional biker or walker to take care of. No worries, though. A few quick barks and POOF - They disappear.

I launched the DOG BLOG back in April, when NMBFF was working on Heart-A-Rama. I was so excited to commandeer her computer, that I didn't formally introduce myself. I am the ShiTzu that lives with your usual blogger. She tells everyone that ShiTzu means "dog who poops on rug" and I do my best to keep her honest. I'm seven, or six, or eight...not too concerned about that. What does concern me is this name business. I am called George Burns, Mrs. George Burns, actually. Seems to me that makes me Gracie, but evidently, in YKW's mind, it doesn't work that way. To most, I am GB, and to the copiously lazy, I am just G. Come on, what was wrong with Fluffy, or Spotty. Those work. "Here Spotty." Yup, I'd answer to that! One of my neighbors thinks my name is so silly that she calls me Gloria Bianca. Mixes me all up, but then, I have to remember that I am a dog, without logic, or long term memory of insults.

Good old George Burns has been doing lots of reading for you since April, so let's kick this post into gear, shall we? My pal, Carl, had himself some fun this summer, for sure. Carl has lots of adventures with his little friend Madeline. She is growing up fast, and pretty soon she'll have to stop hopping on Carl's back for rides around town. Won't he be surprised when she lassos a collar around his neck and tries dragging him around at the end of a rope. (Don't do it, Carl. Hold out as long as you can, pal.) This summer, Carl and his family went to a cottage, and he pitched right in tot-tending Madeline. They snuck off, hopped in a canoe, and tipped over picking lily pads. They stopped at a picnic. Carl ate a bag of potato chips. Then they played softball with a bunch of guys in a near by field. They did not like Carl's dog rules, however. When the two finally got home after all that, their peeps expected them to eat a big meal and stay awake for the fireworks. Silly humans!

Some dogs, (yours truly not included) do not have a great sense of direction, or strong memories. But, all of us have adventurous spirits, and ridiculous levels of curiosity. We take great joy in an afternoon of risk-taking exploration. Sometimes we can't get home, though, and need a little help. I thought it was just Manitowoc and Two Rivers dogs that got lost, until I read this book.

I see people reading Lost and laughing at the lost dog posters from all over the world. Some are even in French and Chinese. Laugh, if you must, but this is serious business. I demand a follow up book. I need to know if Elvis ever got home to Suzanne, or if Tetley, the dog stolen from a New York Subway was found. Of course, Tetley should not have been travelling in his person's duffel bag, but that is a different issue. I'm worried about the Chinese Poodle, and the black lab with "no collar and no legs." He needs medicine. I can't sleep wondering how these stories ended. What kind of writer would tell half a story? Oh, the book also talks about lost birds and cats. GRRRR.

Now here's a book. Thank you Sam Stall for finally stepping up and showing the world just how important my sisters and brothers are and have been. I'm telling you, you can't top this stuff. Here's a teaser:

Robot: the dog who discovered some of the world's first works of art

Saur: the dog who became a Norwegian king

Cap: the dog who steered Florence Nightingale into nursing
I guarantee, you'll stay up nights reading this one. Way better than late night TV which hasn't been the same since Nick at Night cancelled re-runs of Rin Tin Tin. Oh that Rinny. What a man!

So, that's about it for my summer reading. My world watching slows me down, but hey, it's quality that counts, right? Until next time...lot lots of licks.

Oh. YKW says to tell you that with the play and all, there could be a blog-break next week. This is just my opinion, but I doubt that you will be lucky enough to have NMBFF skip a week. Her nose has been buried in Star Lake Saloon and Housekeeping Cottages, and she seems to be enjoying it. I just know she's going to have to go on and on and on about it.


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