Monday, August 30, 2010

A Funny Guest Blogger Blue Alice

I am Blue Alice. I told you about myself last week. This is a funny book about a governess that comes to take care of three odd children. They are called Cassiopeia,Alexander and Beowulf. The man who owns the house found the children in the woods and brought them home. He kept them in the barn until Miss Penelope Lumley came to teach them. She has to get them to stop howling and showed them how to wear clothes.

One of my favorite parts was when Alexander wore his pants on his arms because he never had pants before. She teaches them how to dance a little so they can go to a fancy party that Lord Fredrick and Lady Constance are having. At the party, they act a little like animals again. Lady Constance gets mad, but it is really funny. Other people at the party liked the children.

The book reminded me of the books by Lemony Snicket, which I like a lot. There will be another book by the same author who is named Maryrose Wood.


Thanks Blue. I hope you will keep reading and stop in to write more comments for us.
This is what I have for you today: I have never been a fan of fairs, or any event that includes things that spin, but from the looks of it, this year's Manitowoc County Fair was a success. We often get hit by rain that week, saddening both carnival workers and little kids hoping to spin until ill.

A second hand spinning story came my way last week...worth sharing...some of the details may have gotten mixed, changed, and twisted in the retelling. A Heart-A-Rama friend, Chris, was returning home one night, when she noticed a small carnival in the parking lot of Park Plaza. That last detail should give you a time context. Chris enjoys a good carnival ride, so even though it was the last night, and some of the carnies had begun dismantling their rides, she stopped with the intention riding whatever was still in motion.
The guard rails around the Octopus had already been removed, even through the ride was running. Chris got too close and was bumped in the head by one of the ride's cars, knocking her to the ground. She was out for a few seconds, and when she opened her eyes. a carnival worker was standing over her. Carnie workers from that time period are probably responsible for the stereotype that unfortunately stays with them today. Anyway, Chris said her first thought upon opening her eyes was, "Oh by, I'm going to die, and the last image I have is of this guy!" The adventure continues. Chris was taken to the hospital, where she made several brave, but futlie attempts to explain to the German, on-duty emergency room doctor what had happened. He managed to treat her, and send her home, never fully understanding how she came to be attacked by an octopus!

That's it for today....Teachers and students, have a wonderful school year. Please keep in touch. Tell me what you're up to and what you're reading.

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