Monday, November 8, 2010

I Fell Off the Organization Wagon!

This is why there will be no post today! I have to get this mess under control. The holidays are coming, I can't have piles. So, today is devoted to getting back on the everything-in-its-rightful-place wagon, and staying there. Wanna come over and help?
I am still working my way through Keith Richard's Life. Artists'-visual, performing, visionaries - lives and their processes fascinate me. I figure if I can't be one, the next best thing is lurking on the edges of their worlds. Reading about them is good, too. I still haven't figured Richards' "process" but I can say for sure that he is creative, and he has many, many intriguing, shocking and ridiculously hedonistic stories to tell. I wish he would tell them in a linear way, but I am beginning to feel that his fancy fretwork way of relating tales will be half the fun of the book.
Hey...go see "Rent" at UW-Manitowoc, Wednesday-Saturday. You'll get a gritty glimpse into the Bohemian lifestyle of a group of artists trying to do what they love while facing big challenges. Great music and highly talented cast from the Lakeshore and Sheboygan.

Now...I will put on an apron, arm myself with a feather duster and let loose with a spirited, albeit sour, rendition of "I'm the happiest girl is the whole USA" while pretending to adore cleaning.

Thanks for stopping by.

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