Monday, January 3, 2011

Finally...a Dog Blog

Nearly a year has passed since I got a chance to write a Dog Blog. I only got to do this one because You Know Who has been hunting for her old, beat up copy of Pride and Prejudice to read for her book discussion group. I keep giving her little hints about where it is, but have not come right out and mentioned that it is on this table, propping up my lovely portrait. Maybe if I sit here long enough, gazing with admiration, she'll figure it out. Books belong on a bookshelf where they can be found easily.

Anyway, who wants to read an oldy- moldy book like that anyway. I heard her talking to someone about how "layered" some guy named Darcy is, and how the Bennet girls are diverse and feisty. Last weekend, on New Years' Eve weekend, of all times, she tortured me by watching "Mansfield Park." I'll never tell YKW, but in a small way, I can see the attraction. Life was simple. Dogs ran free in big yards with lots of great smells, while their people read books, visited neighbors to gossip. Sometimes their people went to dances, leaving the homestead to the animals. I'd like to meet those dogs someday.

I have a feeling there will be some Garrison Keillor working its way back into the house as soon as this Jane Austen business in over. Last week I went to the spa and got all polished up for 2011. On the way there, we listened to stories from Prairie Home Companion. It's always the same. First, the stories in the car, then the books sneak into the house. If truth be told, I like the stories. On the way to the spa we heard one about a man and woman who entertained a parish congregation with birds they trained to enact Bible stories. That was funny stuff, for sure. We didn't listen on the way home. I was too busy expressing my distress over the morning's events. Water. Soap. Scissors. Razor. Clippers. And not a single treat offered. I think I bit my stylist. Those things happen.

Hey, this is the book I read this year. It's mostly pictures, but boy did it make me happy. On each page, there is a nice photo of a lucky dog that got to sit in a booth and smile. We are a handsome lot. There are lots of different dogs in this book, and one cat (but I turned that page real fast). Some are fancy. Some are old. Some are small. If there is a person in the picture with the dog, the person is always smiling. What does that tell you, huh? My picture is not in this book which gives me one more item to add to my to do list.
Gotta go. YKW found the book. I have to hide. I am afraid she is going to read aloud.

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