Thursday, January 20, 2011

I hope this early post won't throw you all off, but I just had to get the party started! Who doesn't know by this time that the President of the United States of America is coming to Manitowoc next Wednesday? What an honor! Such excitement! As a lifelong resident of Manitowoc, I couldn't be prouder that Barack Obama has singled out our community.

The negative internet posts have baffled, and dismayed me. I understand that not everyone is going to respect or agree with his politics, but can't we, as a community, respect his office, and for one day, present a united front, and show some wholesome, Midwest hospitality? Next Wednesday is a day to set aside differences, and allow Manitowoc its 15 minutes of fame, untarnished.

Of Thee I Sing was published in time for the holidays. In it, Obama honors the characteristics that make a diverse, cultured and patriotic community. Focusing on amazing Americans ranging from Helen Keller to Abraham Lincoln, Obama shows children -and the child in all of us - how important it is to recognize our individual potential, and then use that potential to make a positive contribution. I'm hoping that next Wednesday, we can have a day of respect, and celebration, showcasing all that is good about the Lakeshore.

Speaking of next Wednesday...depending on the President's schedule, we will most likely be closed (that is unless he decides to drop in at LaDeDa!). Let's see...pick up a book, or follow the President's visit to Manitowoc? Hmmm...which would you choose?

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