Monday, May 2, 2011

My book group's selection for May has me somewhat baffled, but I will say I am so glad it's an easy read. Attempting anything too cerebral during Heart-a-Rama...well, it just wouldn't happen, and I would look even more vacant than normal when we get together to discuss.

This little book has been around for a while, getting lots of print endorsements, and some air time for the author. Janzen begins with a light-hearted discussion of her hysterectomy. Oh joy! She could have let us get to know her a little better before discussing her nether regions with us. Much of the book is filled with simple storytelling, the kind of stuff families share as they sit around drinking coffee after a holiday - too stuffed to move. But, just as I was being lulled into thinking this would be one step removed from Little House on the Prairie, she drops in a surprisingly lurid detail that needs to be read twice to be believed.

The sharp contrast in Janzen's book are jarring at times, and I find myself wondering if she bought her PhD from some on-line university. Rhoda Janzen is first and foremost a poet. As a reader, I would say that creative non-fiction is not her strength.

Jeeze Louise...gotta stop. I'm rambling. Maybe in two week, when I am less sleepy and more focused, I will feel differently. I can't wait to hear how others in our book group feel. you have your Heart-A-Rama tickets yet? If not...why not?