Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dog Blog Time!

Finally, You Know Who (YKW) has stepped away from the keyboard. Now's my chance. I gotta tell ya, there is a lot of hoopla about a book called Unlikely Friendships. People are gushing and saying things like "ahdoooorahhhhhble" and "so sweeeet." I'm telling you, if YKW talked to me in that ushy gushy voice, I'd pack my bags and hit the road. In my bag would be my plush red pepper tossing toy, a tomato, my blue blanket, and a copy of this book. Gotta have something to read on the road...never leave home without a book, that's what I always say.

I guess the whole fuss started a couple years back with Owen and Mzee, the baby hippo and the old tortoise who fell in love in an African wildlife sanctuary. At first, Owen didn't like that Mzee was coming on to him; after all the age difference was huge; Mzee was 105. I don't have enough toes to figure out how much that is in dog years, but I am pretty sure that YKW comes close to that same number (sure hope she doesn't read this.) Well, the two of them fell in love, and wrote a couple books.

After that it was the dog and the elephant love story, and now this book appears with lots of stories about how different animals from different countries, of different sizes, different colors, and different families get along. Doesn't surprise me one lick. Hmmmm. Looks like my peeps in the animal kingdom have the right idea.

Hey, my guy, Chet, from the Chet and Bernie books, has his own blog. You can write to Chet and send him pictures at Chet is just like me. A real friendly dog who is a pretty good writer. Some guy named Spencer Quinn says he helps Chet out, but Chet and me, we know better.

YKW has been harrumphing around about a book called The Help. Says the cover claims it could be as good as To Kill a Mockingbird. Now, I've never seen a mockingbird, but I will say that if they are as annoying as the little brown birdies that won't let me nap...well, I'm all for that book. But, YKW says there's no messing with her favorite book, and even though The Help was good, people better back away from the comparison to that bird killing book or she just might bite you in the ankle. Hang in there, I'm pretty sure she'll be spouting off about it soon.

See ya. If you stop by my house and I bark like crazy, don't take it personally. That's my job!

Your furry friend, and blogger buddy, GB the Dog (aka Mrs. George Burns)