Saturday, December 17, 2011

Children Go Where I Send Thee by Tennessee Ernie Ford

Happy Holidays

We're closed on Monday, December 26, so before signing off for a few days, I'd like to share one of my favorite holiday stories with you.

A few years back, my friend Margarette, her husband, Brian, and son, Henry, came over for dinner on Christmas Eve. You've heard stories before about my grumpy dog, but on this night, GB was in amped up spirits, and picked a huge fight with Margarette. No one else seemed to trouble her, but for some reason, Margarette got on the dog's nerves, and there was no end to the harassment. Margarette, quite a dog lover, tried everything. GB refused to be held. She balked at playing fetch. She ignored my loud demands for silence. I tired in vain to catch her in order to quarantine her to a bathroom.

Finally, in desperation,. I had the bright idea to reward GB's bad behavior with a treat. Make sense, right? And even better, if Margarette gave it to her, a Christmas miracle would surely occur. GB would become a gracious companion for the night, curling up at Margarette's feet, and occasionally asking for a simple scratch behind her ears.

I chose an extra special treat. Not your run-of-the-mill biscuit, chew stick or beef jerky. Nope. this situation called for something big...the peanut butter sucker! This concoction has an inch square of peanut butter that has somehow been solidified to a solid clay-like mixture, with a chew stick stuck up the center.

"Here," I said, handing the unwrapped goodness to Margarette. "Try this." And she did. Margarette took a nice big bite while GB and the rest of us looked on puzzled and amused. Margarette is one of my most intelligent friends - actually she's over the top brilliant - so...what little hiccup happened on Christmas night that prompted her to eat dog food, I'll never know. Nevertheless, thank you Margarette. I still get a good belly laugh every time I think about you and your oh so exotic appetizer!

Stay tuned. I'll be back in 2012.

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