Monday, January 16, 2012

The Joy of Books

Today is Dr. Martin Luther King Day...a day of service. After you enjoy the funky dancing books video, go out and do something nice...just because. If you don't have time today, find time tomorrow, or the next day...better yet...find time today, tomorrow, the next day.....

What you do doesn't have to be big, life-changing, or time consuming. With so many people locally facing a job crisis, often leading to financial insecurity, helping may seem futile. True, we may not be able to change their circumstances but, we never know what impact a simple gesture can have. Now, I'm not going all Oprah on you, but once in a while I receive a perfectly timed message from someone , so I can attest that a small action at the right time is very powerful.

In general, I'm a grumpy pragmatist, steering clear of the live-your-bliss acolytes. But, I do have some peeves that unnerve me because they do nothing to better the world, or those around us. First, smart, selfish people annoy me. I figure, if you have some brainpower, you ought to share it. Whether you're a scientist or an artist, sometimes we just have to give of our skills and ask nothing in return.

Second on my list are wealthy, self-absorbed people. You know them. They are the people who give and give and give...and announce it every chance they get. Their giving may be charity, but their actions are not charitable.

Then there are talented, lazy people. That's simply a very personal one because I have always searched for something I can do well, but apparently am destined to live in the land of mediocrity. Utilizing a talent is hard work, but what a WOW! it offers when those talents are shared. I know too many people who have amazing skill sets, but are highly unmotivated. Give me an ounce of that talent, will you?!

My final pet peeve is all too common, and eliminating this one on all levels would just make everyone happier. Nastiness. There are way too many people who think they can snap, belittle, gossip, and name call, but then negate it all by doing or saying something nice. Well, that doesn't work.

So, in my perfect world, these habits would not exist. If we can clear our lives of judgement, ego, selfishness, and laziness, we would be living in a service centered culture. Hmmm...I am happy to say that none of my friends fall into the pet peeve pitfalls mentioned above. They are all generous, talented, kind, happy people for whom every day is day of service.

So, thanks for getting to the bottom of this purge. Go ahead, consider that your service for the day, but I know you'll find something even more important to do!

*****What am I reading? The Hunger Games...for the second time. I am baffled by the popularity of a book about kids killing kids. Maybe my book discussion group can help me with that.