Monday, July 9, 2012

We get all sorts of crazy mail and email here at LaDeDa.   Of course, we get the usual scam offers that you all get, but we also get others that the general public would be unaware of.  For instance, there was the 80 year old preacher passing himself off as a 45 year old author of relationship books.  He sent a letter with a prune-like picture of himself, and a sales pitch filled with spelling and grammar errors.  if you read this blog, you know that his spelling had to be atrocious if I noticed the errors.  We receive regular email orders for 500+ copies of Black's Law  Dictionary, and other professional books to be sent to Nigeria.

 One day we received a copy of a creepy little book called The Excreman,  a picture book featuring a main character molded out of...well, figure it out from the title. 

Last week I got one of the more unusual, and funny emails.  Here it is for you - complete with the original spelling and punctuation.  Enjoy

How are you doing? hope fine and well sounded in good health my name is Jenny Cole a young pretty lady 28 years of age originated from South Africa (Johannesburg) , very responsible with a great sense of humor, I have a Christian background , well am in search of the words called Love , a very good man I can establish a relationship based on honesty and understanding and also get to know our selves, age race and religion does not matter to me , what matters is having a true love from a man that really want to care and establish a family and life together with understanding.I? fond of reading books, magazines, newspapers. Also I like cooking for my family and friends. I like to spend my free time in the cheerful company of my best friends....I? an optimistic and cheerful person, kind and joyful. I love my friends and family; always try to be honest with them, because I think that honesty is the most important thing in the relations. I am a romantic person but I!have a real point of view to our life.I? looking for my future husband. I? like to create serious relationships. I want him to be honest, kind and tender, intellectual enough. I like men who enjoy traveling very much. Love is to think about someone else more times in a day than you think about yourself, so I am sure that my only one will never miss my attention.I want to meet an understanding and loving man, who knows how to treat a lady and how to make little pleasant surprises for her. I like active and steadfast men, who enjoy going in for sports and dancing. Though for me the most important traits in a man are his ability to be responsible for his family and be a real support and the best friend for his beloved.I feel you will consider a heart like mine forever. I will wait for your response.. I want you to write me on this email and i will get back to you as soon as you write..

What am I reading?  I re-read The Family Fang this weekend for our book discussion group on Friday.  I found it even more fascinating the second time around, and marked several passages as I went.  The story is quirky, for sure, and will no doubt have a cult like following.   The author crafted some stunning metaphors, along with recurring themes, and symbols that tie two odd story lines together.  Even the title took on more meaning the second time.  He could have easily reversed the order to the words, but the impact carried by the word arrangement is very telling.

Nicole Kidman bought the rights to the movie, so I assume she will play the chilly mother.  High Grant or Hugh Laurie could play the dad, but my choice would be Matthew Broderick,  His off kilter delivery would be perfect.  The adult children - Christina Ricci, and Johnny Galecki  We'll see if Nicole takes my suggestions to heart.

My prediction is that I will be the only one in our group who liked this book.  Should be an interesting discussion. 

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