Monday, October 22, 2012

My Buddy Chet is Back and So am I...It's Dog Blog Time

I finally got my little paws on the computer.  What a frustrating Sunday.  I just know that You-Know-Who is letting me write this blog as an apology for the indignity she put me through.  I was happy as could be rolling around in a lovely lawn gift left by a deer, when I was thoughtlessly scooped up and thrown into a bath.  Hate that!  Gotta type fast before anything else nasty is done to me.

Readers familiar with the private investigating team of Chet and Bernie will recognize the silhouette on the cover of Spencer Quinn's A Fistful of Collars as the collar-sporting Chet himself, the lovable, wily, brave, albeit unreliable, canine narrator of Quinn's previous four mysteries.

Since 2009, when Quinn (aka thriller writer Peter Abrahams) introduced detective Bernie Little and his partner in Dog On It, the duo has cracked every case--but not, as Chet reminds us, without their share of bad breaks and close calls. Chet isn't a talking dog, but a thinking narrator, so the reader sees the big picture even if Bernie doesn't. Chet is a devoted partner, and his instincts are sharp: he knows when to chomp on a perp, sniffs trouble from a mile away and has a knack for telling the good guys from the bad.

This time, the trouble-prone movie star they're assigned to keep straight while he's filming in town leads them down shady alleys, into the desert and to more than one unsolved murder. Chet's ingenuous black-and-white view of Bernie's goodness and criminals' evil ("He'll be smashing rocks in an orange jumpsuit at Northern State!") and his good humor will win reader loyalty long before he tracks down his first clue in Quinn's delightful buddy tale.

Jeese Lousie.  Looks like someone wants a little keyboraad time.   May your day be filled with lots of licks, drools, and as many MilkBones as your tummy can handle.  (If you overdo the MilkBones, just poop on the floor.  Works for me.)    GB the Blogging Dog

 The Chet books have been favorites around here.  At first, I viewed them as palette cleansers, but now I just look forward to each one for it's own merits - well crafted plots, defined characters, and a couple pooches that that maintain a consistent level of "dogness" as my college Metaphysics prof would have said.  Dog-ness?  It's that undeniable, yet often indescribable set of qualities that define someone or something. 

Please try a Chet book, or go to his blog
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