Monday, October 8, 2012

There's No Place Like Home

My car limped back into Manitowoc late Saturday night after a jam packed and totally awesome trade show in Minneapolis.  I have lots to tell you, but first I need to tackle a pile of mail..snail and E, get all the fun new books I brought home into the computer and on the shelves, along with all the usual adds and ends that accompany being away from home.

Had a great time...but Dorothy got it right - there's no place like home.

Oh, about that limping car - I felt a little insecure after hitting a huge pothole in St. Paul resulting in clunking each time I turned a corner or hit a small bump.  I held my breath and crosses my fingers that nothing would dislodge, fall off, or blow up until I got home.  So far, so good, but I fear a visit to a mechanic will wind up making this a very expensive trade show.

No real post today...maybe later in the week...

Steve, I know you're reading this.  I read an ARC of Tom Maltman's new book Little Wolves,  this weekend.  It's coming out in January.  If you send me your new address, I'll ask his publicist to send you a copy.  Parts of it reminded me of the novel you are working on.

Thanks for stopping by.

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