Monday, November 5, 2012

It seems trivial and so very wrong to spend time today talking about what I'm reading instead of acknowledging  two events of greater significance - storm relief, and the election.  News coverage of the storm's aftermath has been relentless.  Hard to take my eyes off of it.  There are those who say this hyper coverage causes desensitization.  How can anyone look at these pictures of city streets gone, homes destroyed, charred belongings now undefinable and turn away without empathy - without at least once questioning what we can do to help?  Then there are the faces of the tragedy, people left homeless, left without food, water, heat and answers. 

A few winters ago, we had a big storm, and for a single night, I had no light or heat.  I was pretty wimpy about it all, playing the "Oh poor me" card.  Imagining the months ahead for those who lost everything is unfathomable.  How do you even begin to pull your life back together knowing that there are many more like you in the same circumstance, all deserving of immediate attention and help?  And what of the emergency workers and organizations who have to make choices on who gets help first, and how much help they will get?  And now, we hear weather reports of another storm swirling around the coast.

Please, do what you can to help.  Most reports are telling us that sending money through a reputable agency such as The Red Cross is the way to go.  The Red Cross will help determine where the greatest need is, and determine which supplies are the most logical to deliver.  We all have the holidays on our minds right now; and we all know that those days get tiring and expensive.  But, maybe this will give us all the chance to remove some of the obligation we often feel about gift giving.  Maybe we can give modest, yet meaningful gifts to friends and family, and still be able to help those who are facing the coming months with great challenges before them.

The election?  Well, I will be happy when the robo-calls and the negativity ends.  I'm not politically savvy, but I anxiously await the final numbers rolling in on Tuesday night.  What is appropriate for my life, and my needs may not be right for you and yours, but I hope that whatever the result, the two parties will share a vision of working in harmony for the next four years.  No more stubborn stand-offs.  No more lies.  Now more name calling....just a unified direction with the interests of everyone in mind. 

So, just for the record, I'm still plugging through Frankenstein.  I also started my discussion group book, My Name is Mary Sutter.  So far so good.

With the holidays approaching, I'll still try to write a bit on Mondays, but I'm not promising.

Hey more JD screen saver.  I now open my computer each day to find the handsome Nathan Fillion smirking at me. 

Thanks for stopping by. 
Remember...send to The Red Cross if you can.