Monday, January 14, 2013

Here Comes Rumpel...

This is our crazy cast for "Rumpelstiltskin".  Oh, how I enjoy working with them and hope you will come and see them in action!

Public performance
  Thursday, January 24
7 PM
Tickets available at the campus, at the door or at LaDeDa

Children under 12...$2.00

Lots of audience participation so every child can get into the act!

The day before the public performance, all the Riverview kindergartners will be bussed in to see the play.  A few first grade classes are coming as well, so we will have two full houses for the school performances.

Here's the scoop on the cast for you...

Glady...Laurie Magyar...she's the storyteller who keeps things going and involves the audience throughout the play

Annette...Sheila Hansen...Annette is the Miller's daughter, and the sweet young thing who is must spin straw into gold or face dire consequences

Rumpelstiltskin...David Bourgeois...Rumpel's an elfish fellow who appears and disappears.  He's a trickster and a game player.  We took the "Scary" out of the character because so many wee ones come to see our shows.  Didn't want to have to mop the floor or dry tears. 

King...Keith Shaw...He's the one on the floor looking a bit like Elton John.  As a matter of fact, Keith played Rumpel once for us.  His King is silly, loud, and unpredictable.  I am thrilled that Keith retired as principal of Lincoln High School.  Now he has time to play with us again.

Miller...Charles Allger...This guy (the Miller not Chuck) is pathetic,  and without Annette to push him, he'd be sitting on his butt grumbling all day long.

They have been working hard to learn lines, lock in blocking and develop characters.  Their improv skills are being honed as well.  This show is loaded with audience participation, and several kids will be invited on stage to become characters.  So, this cast has to be on their toes and work with whatever is thrown at them.  Needless to say, our rehearsals have been fun, inventive and filled with laughs.
We have had tons of help from lots of other friends.

Suzanne Lawrence...Procucer... Suzanne is the new Director of Continuing Education at UW-Manitowoc.  Rumpel is her first whack at theatre so her learning curve is steep.  She's been great and I'm looking forward to working with her on a larger project this summer.

Chris Lochmann...set builder
Sara Steeber...set painter
Pat Smith...lights and sound
Maddie Hansen...student assistant
Cindy Gruett...poster design
Terri Temme...good friend who loans me props for the show

Hope to see you there.  There might not be a post next week in order to give me more time to be nervous.    It's my way of pumping up for the show.   It's delusional, really, allowing me to think my contribution  was greater than it really was.   Realistically, when I work with a cast and crew like this...well, what do I really have to do?

Thanks for stopping by.

What am I reading?  Home Front by Krisint Hannah.  I recently won 12 copies to give to friends provided I write about it on my blog.  Soon.