Monday, February 11, 2013

Home Front

If you haven't checked out yet, what's stopping you?   If your supply of  book titles scribbled on envelope backs, grocery store receipts or damp napkin corner isn't plentiful enough to wallpaper a small room, then you simply must  check out bookreporter. 

I promise, you will be overwhelmed with the wealth of information you will find if you take the time to dig a little.  Besides some fine reviews, there are contests.  A few weeks back I entered one, and won copies of Kristin Hannah's home front   (really, no caps in this title) to share with my book group.  No fees.  No strings.

Shirley, one of our members, talks about Hannah at nearly every meeting so this free book had her nearly jumping for joy,  Nearly.  Shirley was smart enough to know that if she made the slighted move out of the cheetah chair, someone else would have slipped in.  So, it was a symbolic jump.

Hanna is known for contemporary human drama story lines, and home front does not disappoint.  this particular book focuses on how a mother's deployment puts unimaginable stress on an already challenged marriage. 


I caught an interesting film last weekend - Swedish - I think, called My Life as a Dog.  Of course, the title drew me in, but the plot had little to do with dogs, except that the main character, a incredibly likable, but quirky kid, was sort of treated like a stray pup most of his young life.  But, no matter where he is sent, he settles, has some fun, causes some trouble, and then is sent packing.  Most the families he is sent to, due his mother's inability to care for him, like him a bit, but they simply don't have the know how or the patience to deal with him.  At one point. the poor kids is sent to live by day with a relative, and at night he is packed off to sleep a a neighbor's - an elderly widow who's twin bed is situated within inched of poor little Ingemar.

The subtitles are small and quick, but as foreign films go, this one rank right up there with Amelie starring Audrey Tautau. 

What am I reading?  The Fate of Mercy Alban by Wendy Webb.   One mysterious death piled on top of another, coupled with a family curse, a missing manuscript, hidden love letters and a  glorious mansion.  This remeinds me of the Victoria Holdtbooks which was basically all I read in high school, so I'm enjoying the nostalgia of it all.
I'm seriously thinking about starting a Facebook page for LaDeDa.  Madde G, get ready, I may be asking for your advice and help.