Monday, March 18, 2013

A Few Surprises Today

After some good natured ribbing from a group of friends about not watching "The Bible" on The History Channel, I decided it was time to get back to this book that has been sitting around with a bookmark on page 103 for months.  Don't go thinking I've had some sort of spiritual epiphany, not that that would be a bad thing.  I am simply interested in all the stories I missed between the Garden of Eden and the New Testament.  I keep tripping over Biblical references in novels, on TV and even in the news, and thought it would be a good idea to raise my cultural literacy a bit.  Hence, The Book of God: - The Bible as a Novel.

Wagerin recreates the high drama, low drama, gentle humor and lost of scadelous behavior of the Bible.  He shows the human sides of individuals as they faced physical and spiritual challenges.  He covers so much territory here, and I confess to finding  all the begets, begots  tiresome and to being confused by all those darn Tribes of Israel.  His writing is  clunky and disjointed, and I'm sure that's what tempted me to turn away in the first place. 

Happily, I discovered that "The Bible" is stacked up on Xfinity, and after watching part of the first installment, that may be a better way to go for me.  My needling friends told me about another History Channel series called "Viking" - also stacked on Xfinity.  Now, that one has me hooked. 

Funny...while surfing Xinfity which is proof that I have no life, I ran across a silly mockumentary, "Welcome to Myrtle Manor."  I'm hoping it's a mockumentary the style of "Best In Show" and "Simply Ballroom" .  I am hoping I haven't been duped into watchin a reality show with sophisticated production values.  Horrors.  "Myrtle Manor" highlights the lives of people living an a trailer park run by a woman who hopes to give her park a 5-star resort ambiance.  The golf cart, above ground pool, and 90 year old skinny dipper don't help her cause. 

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