Monday, April 22, 2013

Too Tired...Good Tired...GaGa and Sedaris

Heart-A-Rama week.  Do I have to say much more?  I am tired, exhausted, actually.  But, tired doesn't get much better than being surrounding by goofballs doing good.  Each year, at about this time, I beg forgiveness in advance, for any extraordinarily foolish, inappropriate, convoluted and just plain stupid remarks that may be forthcoming.  Like Lady Macbeth, I was my hands of the guilt, and cannot be held responsible.

Reading?   Well, Heart-A-Rama week and David Sedaris week usually coincide.   He is one of the few authors I re-read - to the point of being able to quote.  Some people quote Lincoln, or MLK, or Shakespeare,  or the Buddha (sure I can quote him a little)...but me, I can quote Sedaris  Because I have read and reread and re re re...I don't have to think about it too much, and still get the benefit of a strong, dark, stout belly laugh on each page.  Next week will be David Sedaris week 2.

Off to a new topic.  Lady GaGa.  Love that woman!  Love how she pushes the envelope making people roll eyes, gasp in horror and question her sanity.   She  has taken a strong, public stand against bullying, and we all need to perk up and listen to her anti-bullying messages.

My neighbor's son lives on Michigan Avenue in Chicago.  Lady GaGa, -Stephanie - as I like to call her - lives in one of four penthouses in the same building.  These are a couple photos from her apartment.  Enjoy looking at them and then get to the Pig and buy your Heart-A-Rama ticket.

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