Monday, September 9, 2013

It's Dog Blog Time Again

Finally.  You-Know-Who is working on a play and I get the computer all to myself.  I have practiced reading faster.  Since my last post in spring, I have almost finished two whole books so it looks like I can consider that speed reading course a success.

A long time ago YKW wrote a bout a book called I Could Pee on tThat.  It was all about poems by those nasty, four legged creatures from the enemy nation.  Now my nation gets it's turn in the very great "page turner" (KNW uses that phrase way too much so I hope she catches my sarcasm).  My buds have written about chasing balls, rolling in good stuff on the lawn, napping, and hating those silly costumes the two legged kind put us in.  Here is one of my favorite philosophical essays from I Could Chew on This:

If You Got Lost

If you got lost I would find you
If you got hurt I would help you
If you got trapped I would save you
If you got abducted by aliens
I would cripple their ship's computer system
by uploading a virus somehow
For you I would swim across the deepest ocean
 For you I would jump the widest chasm
                                          For you I would  race across the biggest country
                                          So now that you know
                                         All that I would gladly do for you
                                         Maybe you could do something for me
                                         And give me a braver name than "Wiggles"

Right?  Chew on that, will you.  And while you're at it, it might be time for you to sit down and write a letter to you best friend like the people did in this nice book.  This book -well - I don't have enough happy barks to tell you how much I love this book all about how much we are loved.  Hmmmm.  Now that I think of it, YKW hasn't written to me lately.  Actually, YKW hasn't written to me ever.  Time to sharpen the old incisors and make my point when she gets home.

See you next time YKW has a busy spell.

Yours in four-legged doggy goodness
G.B. the blogging dog
aka Mrs; George Burns