Monday, September 30, 2013

Trade Show Week

Trade show week snuck  up on me again, and as usual, I am spinning in an attempt to organize lists and plans.  Of course, I should be pulling together book titles to order for the holidays, but instead, the lists I am making consist of which writers I want to check in with.  

Although this is a good size trade show, with all major publishers represented, it is surprisingly casual. It covers both the upper Midwest and Great Lakes states.   Authors hang out at the their publishers' booths, chat, wander the sales floor, meet and greet.  And, because writers generally travel to these events without family, it is not unusual to find yourself having lunch, or sharing a drink in  in the lounge area with one or more writers.  After attending the show for so many years. I have come to know several editors, sales reps and publishers and as a result, they sometimes pass me tickets to some of the high end events that I seldom take advantage of .   There's always a big cocktail party at the end of the event.  By this time, most everyone is tired of walking and talking, and most people find themselves talking with one or two writers for entire evening.  Less work for them than working the crowd.  A fellow bookseller caught someone you might know talking with Neil Gaiman last year.

This year's show is in Chicago, so the travel time will basically be cut in half.  That means I will be less tired and will get to spend even more time catching up and/or getting to visit with some of my favorite writers.  Over 200 authors will be at the show  Here is my short list:

Mike Perry...that's a given
Loren Long...writes the "Otis" series"
William Krueger...Ordinary Grace
Laura of my favorite mystery writers
Jerry Apps...popular, folksy regional memoir writer
David LaRochelle...funny children's author; I'm hoping to get an autographed copy of his new book Arlo's ARTregeous Adventure for a friend whose mom's name is Arlo
Wally Lamb and Larry Watson...award winning literary fiction writers
Lois Ehlert...popular children's writer and illustrator

As always, my anticipation of the event is equaled by my trepidation of being away form home.  Travel is not high on my fun list, although it wish it were.  But, the Chicago venue lessens the teeth gritting and nail biting by at least two hours, and for that I am grateful.

I'll be getting home late Sunday or early Monday so there is a strong possibility that next Monday's post will be on Tuesday.