Monday, November 4, 2013

Picture Day

A small sample of what I brought back from my October trade show.

Some authors are rock stars...

some aren't!

GB in her 2014 Halloween costume.  Pirate.  See the little sword on her hip?

What am I reading?  Still working on The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint.  On just about every page, the author puts me into one of those inappropriate laughing at a funeral moments.  I cringe each time, but yet, who doesn't love a good banana peel slip on stage?  We know it hurts; we know the slipper could be seriously hurt, and yet we laugh.  That's where I'm at with this book - uncomfortable with the laughter, but happy to be doing so.  I will admit to enjoying a healthy dose of dark humor, but have never experienced  it with this much consistency and artistry.  

By no means is "Edgar" a laugh a minute.  In fact, little Edgar's pathetic life warrants a small box of tissue. Example?  After spending a long period of time in a  home for wayward Indian youth, believing himself to be an orphan, Edgar is told that his mother has died.   He is whisked to her funeral  where he falls into the arms of his unresponsive grandmother and sobs for a woman he did not know.  Together, they fall to their knees and push dirt into her grave until their fingers bleed.  Then, in a final attempt to experience having a mother be part of his life, Edger shovels a handful of the graveside dirt into his mouth.  Gut wrenching moment.  Luckily, Brady Udall followed that up with several irreverent scenes.  Quite a relief.

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