Monday, March 31, 2014

The Week of All Weeks

I'll never know what I did to deserve all the goodness that come my way last week.  Wednesday is typically my day off, and when I got in on Thursday morning, there were some beautiful yellow flowers dropped off by a customer.  On opening my emails, I found a touching note from a friend.

Life is good, right?  It got even better on Friday when I received an autographed copy of Flora the Flamingo along with print of one of the book's illustrations signed by the artist.  Something I said during a phone conversation with a sales rep prompted her to pull that little gift together.

Saturday brought another surprise - signed copy of the book you see above, along with another print autographed by the illustrator.  Also included was a little poem written by author Debra Frasier.

Ode to Picture Books

The picture book is first a story,
but it also gives us
proximity to each other,
as it is most often delivered by
an older person to a younger person.

You must sit close
to turn the pages,
to see the pictures.
Your fingers point
and touch the paper.
Shoulders can rub lightly together.

Repeated often,  reading a picture book with a child becomes
a doorway that is recognizable as as opening to beauty - reliable,
surprising, safe, and adventurous all the same moment.

Just lifting the cover of the book between you
can become the silent signal that the way is opening
and beauty beckons.

This is not a small thin at the edge of a complicated century.

Originally published for the Read With a Child campaign,
Association of Booksellers for Children 1997

Wishing you a lovely week filled with surprises.
Thanks for stopping by.