Monday, June 16, 2014

A New Series from Ann B. Ross (Miss Julia)

Anyone who loved an laughed as Miss Julia fell into one misadventure after another will be thrilled when, on August 19th, Ann B. Ross begins a new series set in the town of Abbotsville.  This time, she writes about Etta Mae Wigging, a woman with a heart of gold and a lot of rough edges.  Etta lives in a trailer park, has a rotten family and dreams of a better life.  

Working as a home health nurse for the elderly and obscenely wealthy Howard Connard, she sees her chance.  She will use her feminine wiles to get him to marry her.  That is until his money hungry son gets wind of her plan and stops Etta at the front door.  When one of Etta's ex husbands shows up in town with a winning lottery ticket things get hectic.  Goose chases ensue with everyone from the trailer park to the mansion born grabbing for easy cash.  A couple local thugs and Miss Julia even join the fray.

This is all good fun...and silly deck reading.  We all need that, don't we?

Over the weekend, I also read a new young adult novel called Eleanor and Park.  This book left me speechless and heartbroken...and not one single person dies in the story.  If it weren't for an opening filled with some creative cussing, I would freely suggest this to all my teen readers.  If language scares you, or you fear that reading a book with the "F" bomb in it will change your life or in some way make you a doer of evil, then stay away.  If you can read a book without being altered by profanity, then pick this up and be altered by the story.

What's next?  My book group is reading Gone Girl for July.

Thanks for stopping by.