Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thankful for Winter...sort of

Winter has arrived, but then, if you were out early this morning shoveling you already know that.  No sense complaining.  After all, we live in Wisconsin.  Snow is to be expected.  And don't forget, this week we all forget the nuisances in life and remember what we are grateful for.  Me - I am thankful for all the same things you cherish in your lives along with a few other things.

I am thankful that I don't drive my car into the river off Michigan Ave after the first snowfall of the year.  In truth, winter does not appeal to me, but that one day when the cleanest of snows hangs on the trees, sparkling as I drive beneath their bent arches, I pilot my vehicle with my head raised to the sky. 

Also high on my alternative thanks list is the fact that my eye doctor looks a lot like Richard Castle.  Nice. Yesterday's exam resulted in one improved eye and one slightly de-proved.  (That's probably not a word, but I wanted balance, so just accept it, please.)  After the exam, he slid his chair away from his desk and settled in to talk, something Dr. Castle and I have never done before.  Not sure if we'll do it again since his topic of choice was deer hunting and why he chose not to go this year.  

Netflix has decided to produce and air a third season on Longmire.  That's good news, too.

I am happy that my store is not so busy that I can't stop and chat.  Many customers who drop in leave with a book, but each and every one of you leave me with something as well.  You tell me about your lives and your families.  You save me precious decision making time by telling me what movies to watch, what books to ready, unusual places around the area to visit.  You introduce me to your children, your grandchildren and your dogs.  Even a few cats and rabbits have stopped by over the years.

Karmic rewards flood my life as well - good karma.  Although I spent the bulk of my teaching life in the world of speech and theatre,  I also enjoyed helping kids become better writers.  Something about the blank page horrified many of them, along with the feeling that they had nothing of importance to offer.  Once we got past all that, magic happened.  Although I have stepped away from that part of my life, I have been rewarded many times over with friends who want to share the poetry, essays, short stories, and novels they have written.  I even have a punster customer who stops by to sip espresso and regale me with his newest puns.  

My book discussion group....15 minutes devoted to the book and then on to more important issues.  They are the best.  My theatre buds...they tolerate my whims and so much more.  My employees....never mention that they have not embraced messiness and made peace with the dust bunnies quite as much as I have.  

This might all sound like I am making the best of a dull life, but the nothing could be further from the truth. Laughter fills the spaces to buffer any challenges that come my way.  Luckily, the challenges are few.  

Not, get in your car.  Go take a ride up Michigan Avenue.  There will only be one first snowfall this year.

Thanks for stopping by.

What am I reading?  The Second Sister - publication date is March 2015.  Most of the novel takes place in Door County.