Monday, June 8, 2015

Odds and Ends

No long, chatty post today.  It's moving fixtures around the store because I want to day.  Gives me great appreciated for physical laborers.

I did read a bit this weekend - a lot, actually.  fFirst-  a short play called Trapped which is a take off of Death Trap- a play within a play.  Adding this new, third layer makes it a play within a play within a play, I guess.  I want to direct this short piece someday soon.

The title UnCatholic Conduct calledmy name.  Rating: Awful.  Make that Awful -.  Luckily it came in a box of books that had been damaged by the carrier so I will be getting a credit for this book which I will finish despite the awfulness.  Gotta find out who's killing those Catholic School kids in a private school in England.

I just got started on Lily Dale, a big departure from my normal reading.  I remember seeing a segment on TV about this secretive community in New York where psychics gather and  are sought out  by those hoping to contact dead loved ones.  Although this sounds like a new age commune, it's not.  Lilly Dale has been around for decades, and until recently, the inhabitants resisted publicity.  Not sure why that has changed.  .

That's that. Gotta get my tool belt on. Time to start spittin' and cussin' as I shove shelves around.  (No, that's not a comment on tough, physical workers.  It's what I do when I exert myself which makes most people in my life happy I have chosen an  exertion free occupation).

Thanks for stopping by.