Monday, July 27, 2015

The Dog Days of Summer

Nothing beats the dog days of summer, right?  Out of respect for me and all the members of my tribe on this important time of year, You-Know-Who has turned over the keys to the computer with no struggle.  I have a vague memory of an ankle nip, and perhaps a snarl or two, but that might have happened at another time.  

YKW has had her big nose stuck in another book.  Does that surprise you?  Sure, she sits outside to read, but spends more time swatting at things than turning pages.  And she is constantly and annoyingly calling my name.  Geeze Louise.  I have scents to diagnose and neighbors to visit.  This is my time of year - the "dog days" - she needs to let me celebrate.

Anywho (I heard someone use that expression on the TV last week) YKW has had the good sense to read a Chet and Bernie book during these fabulous days of all things dog.  This one is called The Sound and the Furry.  Apparently that means something to her and maybe to you.  The furry part speaks to me since most of the members of my nation are.  We've talked about this before.  Bernie is a D-list PI.  Without Chet riding shotgun in their topless car, crimes would not be solved.  

This crime takes place in the bayou where there are lots of great smells for Chet to track.  He loves the salt water and what else?  Oh, the shrimp.  Yeah. the shrimp.  So, there is fight between two families going all the way back to something called a civil war.  The humans have the same trouble I have. They can't always remember why they are fighting. The worst people in each family are the vicious, boat gunning grannies who do all sorts of finger waving when they speed past each other on the water.  One of fighting families is in law enforcement, just like Chet and Bernie, except they wear uniforms and Bernie says they are crooked.  Chet and I have both seen crooked trees, never crooked people, but I will trust Bernie on this one and hope that if we meet them they do not topple over on me.  Shrimp.  Stolen.  Thousands.  Lost income.  Better watch out.  Those words pop up in all the conversations Chet and Bernie have, but just when Bernie gets to the interesting parts, Chet see a Cheeto under a desk to rescue or catch a whiff of beef jerky.  It must be found.  
So, read this book along with us if you want a tail wagging good time.  Tail wagging.  That's a trick I have been trying to teach YKW.  It's a losing battle. Oh, and if you don't already have a dog in your home, what are you waiting for?

YKW thanks you for stopping by.
With licks and wags from your friend
GB the Dog
aka Mrs. George Burns