Monday, October 5, 2015

Books to Film

A customer convinced me to read this book several months ago, before all the buzz about it started. Sci-fi...not my thing, but I picked it up took a trip I never dreamed of. I went to Mars with brave, engaging, inventive, irascible Mark Watney.  Last weekend I saw the movie adaptation and despite the almost three hour showing including way too many pre-show commercials and trailers, this movie more that surpassed my expectations.  $34 for two tickets to the 3D screening, two small drinks and a medium popcorn.  $34!  And that was at the old fart afternoon showing.  Good Grief.

The 3D was worth it at points, especially on the panoramic views of the Mars landscape.  If you're on a tight budget, the standard version will be just fine. Of course the movie differed from the book, but not enough to change the course of events.  My prediction....this film will win Emmys for cinematography, screen adaptation,  and directing.  Ben Affleck will be nominated as best actor, but he may have a uphill battle against Johnny Depp in "Black Mass".  Chiwetel Ejifor could get a supporting actor nomination.  I didn't always understand the science of he situation, but even more than that, I didn't understand Kristin Wiig's character or Kristin Wiig's presence in this film.  Her ineptitude distracted. Couldn't stand her flat, bullying characters on SNL... sophomoric in bridesmaids... and clearly out of place in this movie.

If you're in the mood for a bit of silly - try "Paddington".  The only similarities the movie shares with the book is the the bear's name, and the fact that he is naked.  Doesn't matter.  The slapstick business in this movie stands up to the best scenes in any screwball comedy I have ever seen.  Don't bypass this one thinking it's just for kids.  "Paddington" will entertain just about anyone.  And...don't forget to read the books about this charming British bear.

This is my traditional week to worry about travelling to my trade show.  If you know me, you know that getting me to go just about anywhere is challenge, let along going to another state.  This year the show is in Chicago instead of the usual Minneapolis.  The stress and anxiety are the same no matter where I have to point my car.  So, if I actually go to the show this weekend, I'll let you know what there is to know.

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