Monday, February 29, 2016

It's Me! I'm Back!

SHHH!  You-Know-Who has been quiet for a few hours now, reading something called Jubilee.  Now's my chance to catch you up on what I've been reading, and believe me, I have read so much since I last commandeered the keyboard - two whole books in less than six month.  I'd call that a triumph.

YKW left this one laying around which I believe was a subtle hint that I should read more.  This author thinks so, too.  He talks all about how sometimes simple things like books with pages and words and pictures are so much better than things with buttons and sliders and beepers.  Maybe I do spend too much time scheming about how to get my paws on YKW's gadgets. The pictures and the little hidden messages made me want to keep looking and looking and then look some more.  It also made me want to meet  up with a couple others from my nation and stroll around and look.  I bet I have been missing a lot and now with spring about to pop, well, I'll do just that.  Looking, smelling, discovering, wondering and then some sleeping to recover from all that thinking and imagining.

This next book was a doozie - I laughed, I cried - there was all sorts of drama.  This book  gets four tail wags and a snausage.   Now, don't judge me because this book was about a bear and some geese.  I know that I usually pick books about my kind, but people, you have to read outside your comfort zone once in a while.
 Bruce the bear loves eggs.  He doesn't like them raw so he looks ups up recipes on the Internet.  He buys organic and shops locally.  Gotta love that bear.  The trouble starts when his goose eggs hatch and those silly babies imprint on him.  Bruce tries to send them on their way, but they love him too much to leave.  He wants to hibernate, but how can he when he has gosling to tend?

 Poor Bruce.  I feel his pain.  I feel his pain every Sunday when YKW isn't at work where she belongs.  9 a.m. is my time to lounge under the dining room table where the sun from the deck doors seeps in and covers my corner of the world with happiness.  What does she do?  She sits down a couple feet away and starts pounding on the piano.  Not a pretty sound.  Sometimes even she hears how ugly it sounds and that's when I learn a few new words. When the sun moves, so do I.  YKW talks to me.  She shoos me around as she creates Sunday chaos.  I place my doo-dads exactly where I want them throughout the week and by the end of Sunday, I have to start all over because she has collected them.  Yes, I know how Bruce feels having his day disrupted and his freedom curtailed.

Today, I will hold a leap day celebration.  I already stopped to visit a neighbor and return some mis-delivered mail.  They had treats!  What a day!  Heading off to the dining room.....

Lots of licks to ya....
GB, the Dog Blogger