Monday, March 21, 2016

Baby Bunnies In Cups...Happy Easter...Turn up the Sound...There's Fun Music

Hopefully you noticed that  I avoided the temptation to say "Hoppy" Easter.  The bunny owner assures everyone that no bunnies were harmed while making the video.  In fact, these five are featured in several adorable posts on YouTube.

What am I reading?  My friend Connie suggested House of Sand and Fog, and older book with an Oprah sticker on the cover.  Dogs on the cover, weather conditions on the cover, Oprah sticker on the cover - nope!  Not reading those books.  Thank you to Connie for reading this on her most recent exotic adventure which included margaritas and beaches.  I am savoring this book and can't wait to discuss it with her.  When I'm done, it's round two with A Man Called Ove.  Ove and I didn't hit if off the first time I read the book, but it's our book club choice and I will read it again and happily discuss!

Chocolate eggs are calling you name, aren't they?
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