Monday, April 25, 2016

I've Been Duped

A glass house deep in the woods.  Limited access due to snow.  Old friends mysteriously reunited.  Ouija board.  Dead telephone lines.  These are the bones of one heck of a thriller - or perhaps a lighter, Agatha Christie-ish mystery.  No!  Total disappointment especially in light of learning that Reese Witherspoon has purchased the movie rights.  Reese Witherspoon can do no wrong where I'm concerned - but this could just bump her down a few notches on my list of favorite actors.

Really.  Four women and one man gather for a "hen" party at a remote home in rural England.  The bride to be set off alarms for me on page one, and well, there was nothing to from that point but follow my nose to the end.  Seldom do I figure out a who-dunnit and I took no great pleasure in solving this transparent crime as quickly as I did.  The clues were laid out like Hansel and Gretel's bread curmbs, and the narrator talked me right through the motive, means and opportunity of each character so early on that one by one, each was  ruled out.  Perhaps the fact that the narrator was suffering from partial amnesia should have thrown me off, but not even that could cast doubt on the perpetrator of this revenge plot.  

You all know how I felt about Gone Girl; this book makes Gone Girl seem like a work of art.  I can find no redeeming qualities other that it somehow tricked me into reading to the bitter end.  To be fair, I might be a little cranky from lack of sleep since Heart-A-Rama opens Thursday.  Maybe I'll give this book a second go when I more awake.  After all, I did change my mind about Ove so.....

Sadly, I had two play scripts on my desk to consider for all at UW-Manitowoc and I passed them by to wander through a dark, dark wood.

Oh well......
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