Monday, May 16, 2016

From the Trade show floor

I wish you could have all gone to Book Expo America with me.  This trade show, which is generally held in NYC, moved to Chicago for 2016, and gives publishers, distributors and authors an opportunity to strut their stuff.  Break out sessions throughout the day keep booksellers informed on the latest trends and offer problem solving advice.  Authors present their newest work at formal breakfasts and lunches, and meet informally at their publishers' booths throughout the day. Of course, along with all of this comes the opportunity to place orders from over 2600 exhibitors.

The pictures at the top don't begin to cover the who's who that turned up to celebrate writers, writing and books....John Grisham, Richard Russo, Terry McMillan, Mary Englebreit, Jody Picoult, Kate many opportunities to meet and chat.  Truthfully,  you just never know who will sit down at a table with you
or next to you in a lounge area and strike up a conversation.  When my credential arrived in the mail a few weeks back, I was surprised to find that I had been issued a VIP pass - a mistake for sure.  Although I didn't take advantage of that VIPness, it could have gotten me into many ticketed events where I could have spent quality time drinking champagne and eating little fancy things with the hottest writers on the market.  I knew better than to try and pull off fitting into those circles.  Instead, I walked the isles, browsing and bumping.

Plenty of people stood in lines just to have their pictures takes with authors,  That's not my style.  I prefer to capture them smiling and signing.  Kenny Loggins and Kristi Yamaguchi both have children's books releasing in the fall and Kareen Abdul-Jabbar discussed his newest book Writings on the Wall.  The fourth picture gives you a little overview of a portion of the sales floor.  It also proves that I really was there!

Jamie Lee Curtis signed her books as well.  I've been angry with her for many years now - not that she cares.  Once, on the Rosie O'Donnell show, she announced that children should be raised in a realistic world and should know from early on that Santa is not real.  Not good considering that Rosie often included segments on her show that appealed to young kids. 

Why is the picture so blurry?  Well, no one could get close to her without being jostled out of the way by one of her entourage.  She showed up with a full staff of body guards.  Right.  As if a bunch of booksellers were going to hurt her.  I guess it's all about the image. 

I'll be skipping the October regional trade show in Minneapolis this year - one road trip is enough for me.

What am I reading?  Just finished Shotgun Lovesongs.  If you're a native Midwesterner, you will enjoy this book.  I started re-reading an old favorite to see if it has held up over the years...Like Water for Chocolate,  Still good stuff.