Monday, September 26, 2016

Time for a Debate

What better time to remember what it means to do our civic duty than on the day of the much anticipated official kick-off to election season - the first candidate debate!  One can only guess what lies ahead as our two final candidates meet one on one for the first of several televised debates. Who will/will not be on his/her best behavior?  Who will/will not be in command of facts and figures?  Who will crack the first joke - and will that joke be truly funny or will it be a tasteless, knee jerk reaction to comments made by the opponent?  Oh, so much to look forward to.

This simple book, silly at first glance, opens eyes by bringing us back to simpler times when our lives where not led by 24 hour news services with overly dramatic, editorial readers dolling out "headline" news as if it were the whole story.

Info gathered from optimistic civics texts, civics manuals, government pamphlets and scouting manuals from the 1920's - 1960's, reminds us that good citizens are well-rounded, fun to be around, fit and mannerly. One publication tells us that good citizens eat meat while another emphasizes the importance of good penmanship, and fair play.

Being a good neighbor and tuning the blight of an ugly home into beauty are musts along with caring for the world, and never poisoning our neighbor's dog.  Here you have one of two pages on how good citizens remain healthy.  I find #7 particularly entertaining.  Have you been a good citizen today?  Don't answer, that's more than I need to know.

Most of all, we must be loyal and worthy of being an American.  May our Presidential candidates remember these lessons as they push forward to November.