Monday, October 31, 2016

Dog Bytes

Since my person forgot to blog last week, I have taken over the k-board lest she once more fails to fulfill her duties.  However, I will have to keep this short since today is my day. My talents as Halloween are legendary and thus I must prepare. Vocal warm-ups - gotta be ready to announce the guests; neck stretches - gotta see who is approaching around that troublesome cul-de-sac; teeth sharpening - in case any candy falls to the floor.  Most importantly, I will practise patience.  Sometimes I get so excited to give treats to members of my tribe that I drop a biscuit or two into the wrong bags.  

While my person has been reading and complaining about reading 500 pages of Little Women, I have read and re-read this book at least twice.  Now, modesty aside, I cannot relate to pets with no curb appeal, but I have run across one or two with what humans like to call "resting b#%*h face".  Not pretty  - but you shouldn't judge a dog by the set of the jaw.  Billy is little boy with a big heart.  He goes to the pet shop and just doesn't get that warm fuzzy feeling from the pretty dogs and cats in the store.  You know the kind.  I guess in the people world they are the faces that grow up to be the cheerleaders and class presidents, leaving everyone else to populate the audio visual society and the office helper brigade.  We have those positions in the animal kingdom as well - lots of unappealing behaviors that condemn them to the back row, like the $200 used cars on bargain lots.  

Those dogs speak to Billy. I guess they need him as much as he needs them.  This is a real nice love story. After the trick or treaters leave tonight I'm going to fill my bowl, grab a fun size candy bar, steal the new throw off from the couch (I like calling it a davenport) and settle in to read as much  this book as I can before nodding off for the night.  Might get to page two or three if I'm lucky. 

By the way, even though my person grumbles about the bunch of pages in Little Women, she says she is enjoying it.  It surprised me to hear that she had never read it before.  Imagine that.  She and I have seen just about every movie version of it ever made but she never read the book.  So far she has smiled, chuckled, laughed,  goten angry, and might have even been sad once or twice.  She also sneezed but that might not have had anything to do with the book.  I'm sure she'll tell more about it later - the book, that is, not the sneeze.