Monday, December 5, 2016

Book Lists

Two years ago, I thought reading every novel, short story, essay and magazine article that Hemingway wrote would be a good idea.  Two Hemingway's later I was sidetracks by books about Hemingway, and then books about people who knew Hemingway, and then books by anyone who had anything at all to say about Hemingway.  Overall, I'd give myself a D+ for that goal.

2016 seemed like a good year for mystery reading.  I had recently begun reading the Longmire series, in addition to developing an addicting to British crime dramas on PBS.  I did a little better with that - a strong C.

I just don't do well with setting goals and keeping personal promises.  that explains why I remain short and round.  Sure, I could change the short part easily by wearing stilettos with my jeans, but Reeboks are more my style.  I anticipate no changes in either of those dimensions in the coming year.

Last week, my friend Steve asked what my reading project for 2017 will be.  I wonder if it even pays to dream something up.  Lest you think I will list some of the many titles that led me astray from my year of murder and mayhem. Actually, last year we kept a list on display of what everyone who works here read.  If Debbie, Karen and I read the same book, you will see a number after the title showing how many of us read that book.  Jenny didn't get in on the list since she recently joined us again.  Jenny was actually the first person I hired when we opened almost 20 years ago.  The she finished college, bought her parents' farm and left us until recently.  I so happy she's back.'s a partial list of what we all have been reading.....

The Killing in Badger's Drift
The Art of Hearing Heartbeats X3
The Dinner X2
West with the Night X2
Finding Winnie
Deadly Wandering
Missoula (I read it twice)
A Man Called Ove X3
Eating the Cheshire Cat
In a Dark Dark Wood
Shotgun Lovesong X3
Beneath the Bonfire
At the Edge of the Orchard
Orphan Train X3
The Great Gatsby
The Museum of Extraordinary Things X2
Little Women X2
The Girls
Baby Girl X2
Chronicle of a Death Foretold X2
At the Existentialist Cafe
Everything I never Told You
I am Malala
Te Kitchen House
The Distance Between Us
A Walk in the Woods
The Coincidence of Coconut Cake X2
Glory Over Everything
One Child
The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry X2
Memory of Running
The Paris Architect
The Hunger Games
Catching fire
A Stolen Life
Silken Prey
Songs of the Humpback Whale
Diamond Willow X2
Casual Vacancy
Freud's Mistress
A Wedding in December
Hand to Mouth

There you have it.

Other than the Hunger Games trilogy, I don't see any young adult or tween books on this list.  Maybe that's where I set my intentions and see how deeply into 2017 I get before the tugging in a different direction becomes impossible to resist.

Thanks for stopping by.

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