Monday, April 17, 2017

A Giraffe and a Half by Shel Silverstein - Celebrate National Poetry Month

 Like so many people, I have sacrificed many, many hours waiting for April, the giraffe, to have her baby.  And of course, I missed it.  

To celebrate the birth, I am sharing this adorable girl's reading of Shel Silverstein's A Giraffe and a Half.

Silverstein, affectionately called Uncle Shelby, is best known for his funny, absurd and sometimes sinister children's poetry.  Sinister?  Yes!  

The googies are coming the old people say
To buy little children and take them away!

Do you know that Uncle Shelby also wrote for adults?  Oh yes he did.  His adult works entertain - and  they shock.  How could the same pen that wrote The Giving Tree possibly create Polly in a Porny with a Pony..."and the pony looked a little bit bored."  or the tale of Stacy Brown who had two (Two what? Is Stacy Brown male or female?  I'll let you do the research on that one.)

You can find those and other gems on albums such as Freakin" at the Freakers Ball. Of course, he gave us many commercial songs as well including "A Boy Named Sue" and "The Unicorn," that magical little Irish number.  

April in National Poetry Month. Pull up a chair and celebrate April the month, and April the Giraffe with Shel Silverstein and our little reader friend.

Thanks for stopping by.