Monday, July 10, 2017

Once in a Blue Moon Lodge

Even when Lorna Lanvik writes a book that doesn't quite measure up to her other offerings, I still enjoy it.  This book is sort of choppy - let's call it episodic - and I find it hard to follow.  Three plots are in motion right now, and perhaps once I get farther into the story, they will begin to merge and all will be right with the world.

This sequel to Patty Jane's House of Curl plays with ideas of transition, uncertainty and generational secrets.  Patty Jane plans to close her business. leaving her daughter, Nora, unsure of her next move.  Nora's solution?  Road trip!  This begins the stampede of colorful characters that pop up randomly in individual episodes.

So far, the most colorful of all, grandma Ione, appears to be the catalyst for what should be an examination of past adventures - or perhaps past sins.  See, that's the thing about Lorna Landvik - her novels have light hearted titles, her characters are exploded versions of funny folks we all know, there are grin worthy moments on each page, and yet, beneath it all lies a wealth of truths about fear, loss, sadness, challenge and resilience.

I always finish her books having re-lived moments of my own life, only with a different backdrop, perhaps different music, and certainly fresh perspectives.  Some people categorize her work as chick-lit.  I would disagree. She gives us no pathetic protagonist wrestling with romance, careers, or some form of paralyzing hyper-anxiety.  Yes, she does focus on female characters, but when we meet them, they are fully realized, living in the real world, not a fictionalized jungle populated by beautiful people searching for the next big thing.

Anyway, I haven't read enough to comment fully.  Grandma Ione and Nora are about to leave for Sweden where  Ione will be reunited (for some mysterious reason) with the great love of her life and the ex-best friend who married him.

On another note...I have never read a Nero Wolf mystery and ran across Murder by the Book at a rummage sale this past weekend.  Guess what I'll be reading on the deck on Sunday afternoon?

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