Monday, April 21, 2008

Light Weekend Reading...Or So I Thought!

Charming! Abby and Kirby go exploring every Saturday morning! They both enjoy the adventure, but from there, opinions differ. Abby and Kirby share their favorite moments about their walk in side by side pages. The illustrations couldn't be cuter! I always wondered what my dog would say if she could talk. I would love to hear her laugh. After all, she has a sound for anger, frustration, need, and a few more, so why not happiness? If you're one of those dog owners who give voice to your pooch, you'll understand this book. It will make you smile, and I guarantee, you will take your dog for a walk the moment you finish!

I had no idea what a treat I was in for when I started Inside Inside, the book authored by James Lipton, creator and host of Inside the Actors Studio which airs weekly on Bravo network. Expecting insight into the artistry of acting, I was stunned, and quite frankly, overwhelmed by what Lipton offered. I can best describe this book as cultural archeology. Lipton is a schooled performer, writer, director, and visionary who covers everything from cinema history to experimental film in the Soviet Union. He does it all with authority but not pretense. Lessons in theatre history are often dry and mechanical, but he infuses the commentary with familiar examples of films and plays, along with quotes from actors. His analysis of the power of the film editor in relationship to audience response was especially provacative. While this may all sound academic, it isn't. This book is facinating - not a single snoozeworthy page. If you enjoy movies, and theatre, you might enjoy this book.