Monday, May 10, 2010

Annual LDD HAR Awards

Heart-A-Rama went so smoothly this year. Most people have forgiven us for moving to Two Rivers, and those who haven't stayed home, allowing their seats to be filled by new, enthusiastic patrons.

This cast was awesome! I don't mean to slight the crew that work so very hard on our show, but my contacts are mainly with the cast. so, here you have the Annual LaDeDa Heart-A-Rama Awards.....

The BREAK A TAIL FEATHER Award goes to Jen, who took a big digger during the seagull song and dance number on the second last night of the show, and landed right on her tailbone. I missed witnessing the incident itself, but I did have the opportunity to see Jen, bent over in the dressing room, fighting back tears of pain and the laughter that comes with the absurdity of such events. Think about it...a giant seagull walks into the emergency room and says, "Doc, I..." well, you get the picture. Jen was back on her feet enough to belt out a funky rendition of "Me and Bobby Magee" with the band later in the night.

Rick gets the HOW TO MAKE SOMETHING FROM NOTHING Award. Every night, Rick dons he Dr. Seuss hat and composes a pre-show poem which he reads as a show warm-up for cast and crew. His inspiration comes mainly from cast bad behavior. However, we have to wonder if someone sedated this year's cast, since they provided very little fodder for the poems. In past years we have messy incidents involving potted plants, and the amazing supportive undergarment exchange. None of that this year. Despite repeated pleas from Rick to "try harder" the cast simply did not comply, still, his poems were mighty fine.

Laurie and Kevin are the dual recipients of out WELCOME BACK KOTTER Award. We're glad they're back after a brief respite from the wackiness.

I hope they stay!

Finally, for reasons they will understand, I give the STORM TROUPER medal to Laurie Bogart and Chris Zahn. I was on headset with these two most nights of the show, and I know how fast and hard they worked to get everyone mic'ed and on stage on time.

HAR 2010 left us with no colorful stories of cast/crew escapades to share in years to come, it did feel like new life was breathed into our forty year old organization. It was the perfect hit of adrenalin needed to begin building for the next forty.
***Now, it's time for me to open a book and start reading again. My book group is discussing Push this Friday. That's the book that inspired the movie, "Precious." Should be a good discussion.