Monday, May 17, 2010

A Dog Blog for Jordan

I was watching yesterday - now that You Know Who keeps the front door open - I watch. That is my main job during the day. So, I was watching, wishing I could run after the robin that swooped past, or visit with the nice lady walking by, when I had a thought. I finished the book I started right after my last post (about six months ago) and figured that maybe I could distract YKW long enough to commandeer the computer for a few minutes.
Once the doggy brain (the powerful machine that it is) shifted into high gear, I just couldn't decide if I should write about the book, the bird or the lady, and then I remembered that good things have happened for my friend, Jordan, and thought that a nice dog blog celebration would be good.

About three years ago, Jordan got some bad news. She got cancer. That's not something I know about, but from the sad faces on her grandparents who live next door to me, I figured it couldn't be good. Jordan and her brother Jacob live in Iowa, but they always come over to see me when they are in Manitowoc. And they bring me presents...dyed Easter eggs, seashells from the beach, and pictures they have drawn. Jacob even sang me some Christmas carols, but I can't remember when that was. Maybe around Christmas or some time like that. They try to take me for walks, but even though I like them both a lot, I'm just not the walking type. Like I said earlier, I'm a watcher.

Jordan had to have lots of chemotherapy. It went on for almost three years. She didn't like it very much, but guess what? It worked. She lost her hair a couple times in the process, but she looks real nice in a hat. Sometimes she wore a scarf tied around her head and I thought that maybe she had run off to Holywood and become a movie star. She looked so glamorous. Not everyone looks good in a hat. I'm one of the not so good looking in a hat types. I don't have the right kind of ears to hold one up. But there's someone who can wear a hat! One of her legs stiffened up on her, too, but I think that was a nerve problem that an amazing doctor fixed for her.

Jordan is my bravest friend. I'm pretty sure that all those needles, and pills, and fevers, and infections must have tired her out. Plus, she couldn't run around and chase a soccer ball very well for a long time. Still, every time she came to visit me, she had a big smile, and looked like she had just finished a nice long nap in the sun.

I sure am glad that everything is bright an sunny for Jordan now. Hey, I have an idea. Do whatever it is you do to send good thoughts, and lots of strength to people who need to be brave like Jordan. Me, I wag my tail each day when I am feeling happy about how well Jordan is doing.

Last month, Jordan, her mom and her dad, and Jacob got to go to Disney World, and boy, did they deserve it. I could hear them laughing all the way from Florida. One night, I heard some real funny sounds while I was trying to sleep. My neighbor told me it must have been Jordan and Jacob snoring. They did so much each day in Florida, that when they got back to their hotel, they slept like two litle bear cubs.
Jordan was treated like a princess by everyone at Disney. I think that anyone as brave and strong as Jordan should be treated like a princess for the rest of her life. The rest of her life...I like that phrase!
Here's a nice little picture of my hero, Jordan, helping with a Locks of Love event in Iowa.